Control your money
in three simple steps

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How to control your money
in three simple steps

Step 1: Track your spending

Whenever you buy something, simply open the app, and log your purchase. All you need to enter is the amount!

Step 2: Keep up-to-date

After you logged your purchase, everyone in your family will see the new balance. This is done automatically.

Step 3: Make smart decisions

Knowing exactly how much money you have right now helps you make informed decisions. You will never overspend again!

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From the Creator

Thank you for considering Family Fortune. I developed it in late 2014, right before the holiday season, to help my family manage our finances in real time. It has transformed the way we spend and save money, and everyone in my family uses it every day. My hope is that you will find it as helpful as we do.

Igor Partola

P.S.: Please feel free to contact me to share your experience with Family Fortune, good or bad. Just use the contact form below.

  • Saves You Money

    Family Fortune helps you save your hard earned money. Never be surprised at the end of the month.

  • Use on Any Devices

    Whether you use an iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android phone or a tablet, Family Fortune works equally well on all of them.

  • Easy Sharing

    You share your expenses with others. Shouldn't you share your budget? Family Fortune makes it quick and easy

  • Cloud Synced

    Keep everyone up to date when someone spends money. You get updates in real time.

  • Uncomplicated

    It only takes a few taps to log your entries. You can do it before your receipt is done printing!

  • Auto-Fill

    You can set up your budgets to auto-fill on weekly or monthly basis. Any balance is automatically rolled over.

Customer Stories

We were able to save over $200/month with this app. It was so simple, and I barely spent any time at all setting anything up! Janice W
After trying a half dozen different budget apps, Family Fortune is exactly what I've been looking for. It works so well! Nicky H
Easy and fast to use. Only way our family can keep track of our budget in realtime. Candice C
I just love this app! I feel like I finally have control of my money again! Mike L
This app helps us keep track of our budget in real time, as in before the end of the month when we find out we overspent. This way we can slow down our spending or postpone purchases. Leroy W
My husband and I really like how easy to use this apps is. Now we are never surprised at the end of the month. Sandra D


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Budget settings & sharing
Logging detailed entries
Multiple budgets

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